The following contractual agreement ("the Agreement") constitutes the full and complete understanding of obligations and terms between Debitran, LLC. and its Cardholders with respect to the authorization of bank accounts and their acceptance in funding the DebitVault Card:
1. A separate ACH authorization agreement form, along with a copy of a voided check and a copy of the Cardholder’s drivers license must be sent to Debitran for each and every bank account for which approval is sought as a funding vehicle for the DebitVault Card. Approval of the bank account in question constitutes approval by DebitVault solely for that particular account and should not be understood by the Cardholder as signifying approval of any other bank accounts from which funding use may be intended.
2. Approval of a bank account permits the Cardholder to use that account in question to fund the DebitVault account
3. Cardholders understand and agree that the use of the approved bank account, with respect to transactions involving DebitVault, is solely intended to facilitate the funding of the DebitVault Card; Debitran has no control whatsoever and is not responsible in any way for whatever purposes or goods on which funds are spent using the DebitVault Card.
4. Any unauthorized transactions involving illegal and unauthorized use of the Card is solely the responsibility of the Cardholder. Debitran disclaims any and all liability for any damage arising from such unauthorized use of the Card when such occurs due to disclosure of this secure information and/or other events beyond its control.
5. Any transaction involving or related to funding and use of the DebitVault Card is strictly subject to the Terms and Conditions as stated in the Cardholders’ Agreement.
6. If a transfer of funds is requested from an approved bank account and that account contains insufficient funds to cover that transfer, the Cardholder will be charged the bank charge ($15); if the transaction is attempted again and there are still insufficient funds available, another charge of $15 will be charged to the Cardholders’ DebitVault account and will show up as such in the statement. If DebitVault transfers the amount requested to the Cardholder’s account, unaware that insufficient funds exist for the transfer, Debitran reserves the right to remove that amount from the Cardholder’s account in addition to all pertinent bank penalty charges made, as stated above. If the bank account transfers made by the Cardholder are done in a deliberately fraudulent manner, Debitran reserves the right to, and will in fact, employ whatever means necessary, both criminally and civilly, to cause the fraudulent conduct to be addressed according to relevant law (including but not limited to reporting of the fraud to credit bureaus and billing for all legal expenses mandated in pursuing the fraud). Chargebacks will not be accepted and will be dealt with in the same manner as any other fraudulent transaction.
7. Cardholders are responsible for promptly notifying Debitran with respect to any material changes made in approved bank accounts and/or the liquidation of such accounts.
8. Each time the Cardholder uses an approved bank account(s) to fund the DebitVault Card, the transaction is subject to the terms of this contract. To cancel this contract, Cardholders must fax to Debitran a letter requesting cancellation; the cancellation shall be acted upon promptly and shall not apply retroactively.
Cardholder, , upon a complete reading and understanding of the above contractual terms, agrees to be bound by the above and by the Cardholder-DebitVault Terms and Conditions . I agree to authorize Debitran, LLC. to charge my approved bank account in amounts requested by me and understand that the amounts used to fund my DebitVault Card will show up as such on my bank account statements. Cardholder agrees that once funds are charged to the bank account for Card funding purposes, and the transfer is made to the DebitVault Card, that particular transaction is final and irrevocable.
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